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Budget Foreign Honeymoon Destination

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Planning for a honeymoon always gives the goosebumps! Add to it the scarcity of funds just after marriage, it really requires some meticulous planning to make the honeymoon a memorable one.

So which is a perfect and budget honeymoon destination for us Indians?

People mostly travel to Thailand after getting lured by the cheap airfares. But then, they have to cough up big amounts in other expenditures there.

A jewel less explored is Bali. People do not keep it as a first thought because the airfares are almost double than travelling to Thailand. But they don't realize is that all other things are comparatively cheap out there.

I would ditch all of Andaman, Maldives, Thailand and advise you to go to Bali instead.

Now, you will surely ask me this. “Why?”

So lets get to the reasons:

Andamans will on an average cost you around INR 1 lakh. Andaman although its beautiful has no or very limited nightlife. You may find it dull there. It only has scenic beauty, not much city life.

Maldives will cost you more. Specially the activities like water sports/transportation/food etc will be expensive. Plan well before going to Maldives. Try to stay at least one night in a cottage surrounded by the sea. Its your honeymoon after all! It will set you back by at least Rs 25,000/- per night for the sea cottage. Moreover, the political situation at present is not that great. So better skip Maldives for now.

Thailand is a good choice because its “Foreign”, ‘Affordable”, Clean and Beautiful. You can go to Bangkok, Phuket and perhaps Phi Phi islands/Koh Samui if it is within your budget. But… you know.. “Everyone goes to Thailand!”. Its not worth it for a honeymoon.

Enter Bali. Indonesia, specially Bali is a paradise. Its extremely beautiful, affordable and clean. You don’t even require a Visa, so that’s another headache gone. (However, always confirm it in the official website because Visa rules may change in the blink of an eye)

Stay in Seminyak Beach area as it is average priced and filled with more than 95% foreigners. You will feel as if you are in Australia! It counts, because you know, we Indians are obsessed with the “White People”! Whenever we see them, we feel ourselves that we are staying in a great place. Do not stay in Kuta area as it is very commercial and filled with scams etc. Bali should be reachable with 1 lakh INR or at the very most you may spend another 10–20k more which is worth it. Also, you can “boast” to your friends and family as well as your wife that you went to Bali which is actually a dream destination.

Sunset at Seminyak Beach

Make your honeymoon special. Let your wife feel the happiness of an exotic foreign vacation because she would also like to boast to her friends.

I had gone to Bali in August 2017 and it was really memorable. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any information regarding Bali if you decide to go there.

Or drop a mail to me at

Happy Honeymooning :)

N.B: Go independently. Do not take a travel package because you will spend more that way.

Do watch my Bali videos below in my YouTube channel. Also do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel. You can subscribe to my channel here.

Video: How to Travel to Bali in a Budget

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