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Far Cry 4 English Language Files




A direct port of the original NW4, FC2 has used a series of alterations to the original game to create a highly addictive and highly controversial game. According to the developers of the game, the most notable change to the game engine were made to the gameplay, and the enemy gameplay in particular. Also FC2 was the first game to have both working I-Beam's and Power Slides. FC2 uses a feature found in NW3 and NW4 known as Bumpers. Bumpers are invisible obstacles that bounce off the ground while the player is on the ground. Bumpers have a number associated with them which you can change by pressing and holding R2 while on the ground. When an enemy is colliding with a bumper, the player receives a boost of speed. In some instances, a Bumper will be to the side of the player, allowing the player to steer it, similar to skateboarding. Some Bumpers can be detonated when hit, launching the player. If a player is on a Bumper and collides with an enemy, the enemy will explode with full damage. Other changes include: A redesigned and upgraded version of the character animation system, known as the "Character Dynamics Engine" (CDX). FC2 uses the CDX as a base, and adds a new, more sophisticated version of the old idle animation system. This allows a wider array of moves to be made, and gives the game a very different feeling from that of previous titles. A new original form of the sound engine. Although FC2 utilizes the CDX, it has a sound engine that is completely unique and very highly developed. It is a very advanced form of the NW3 sound engine, but altered to be more effective. The second part of FC2 added to the original engine was the "Mission Builder". The mission builder allows the player to easily create missions. There is a wide array of mission building tools at the player's disposal: The player can build missions by picking a location, a number of enemies, and a number of ways to kill each enemy. The player can also pick what each enemy does. Using the above features, the player can build missions to their liking. The player can even choose to hold off on killing enemies and take their money. The player can then play the mission and replay a mission if they do not like the mission they created. FC2 has new additions to the original



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Far Cry 4 English Language Files

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