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Hey there. I am "THE INDIAN NOMAD". The travel bug caught in me around the year 2017 after my first abroad vacation to Bali, Indonesia. And after that trip, there's no turning back.
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I hope to be a full time traveller at the earliest. I am presently doing a regular job which is not appealing to me (After all, who loves to work,isn't it !!)

I have travelled to 5 countries as of now. And I have plans to travel to at least 25-30 countries more. My ultimate aim is to travel to 100 countries but that seems to be a little difficult at this stage! But, as the saying goes "Nothing is impossible", hence I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Travel instills confidence in oneself. The more we travel, the more we become broad and open minded.

Watch the travel videos on my YouTube channel "THE INDIAN NOMAD" And plan for your vacation right away without any further research anywhere  !!! Because I will only provide relevant and precise information. No nonsense, Guaranteed !!

Time Frame of my journeys:

1. Indonesia (travelled in August 2017)
2. Malaysia (travelled in July 2018)
3. Thailand (travelled in November 2018)
4. Singapore (travelled in August 2019)
5. United Arab Emirates (November 2019)

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Signing off for now. Lots of love and good wishes. Happy Travelling !

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