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So, you are all excited and geared up for your vacation abroad. But do you know that even a small mistake can just ruin your entire trip. I have compiled a few things which you must follow so that you can just enjoy your trip without any tensions.

  • The first and foremost thing is your passport. It is your most precious document. ​Remember that this document should have at least 6 months validity to travel to ANY foreign country. It should also have a couple of blank pages in case you have travelled many times before. Be sure to have


  1. At least 2 photocopies of your passport with you at all times during your stay abroad.

  2. A soft copy of your passport on your mobile.

  3. An upload of your passport in your Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can access it at all times in case of an emergency.

  • The second thing is VISA. Get your VISA of the country you are travelling to. Also keep copies of your VISA as mentioned in points 1,2,3 above. Be sure to double check if any country doesn't require VISA or if there is a provision for VISA on arrival. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Thirdly, activate your Credit Cards and Debit Cards for International Usage in case you have kept them de-activated. Make sure to inform your bank in case you are going to some less travelled countries like Kenya,Nigeria,Iran, China etc. Banks may block your card if they observe transactions from some countries. Better to be prepared.

  • Fourthly, take at least 2-3 Banks Credit Cards/ATM Cards. In this case, if any bank mistakenly blocks you, then you will be safe. If possible activate international roaming on your mobile to receive those bank SMS es.

  • Fifth, get a Travel Insurance because you never know when woe may befall you!

  • Sixth, get a travel adapter. Different countries have different plug points. You may or may not be able to plug your appliances at all countries. Its relatively cheap and available online. This is a must buy.

  • Seventh,travel light. Most low cost carriers don't provide any baggage allowance and you will have to pay steep charges for baggage.

  • Eighth, take the following on your trip

  1. A Neck Pillow.

  2. A Light Blanket (Airlines sometimes purposefully lower the temperature so that you have to rent a blanket!)

  3. Battery Bank

  4. Selfie Stick

  5. Camera

  6. Headphones

  7. Sunglasses

  8. Extra Pair of Eye Glasses (if you wear it)

I always follow the above mentioned points while travelling abroad. Please provide your valuable suggestions in case you can add something to the list.

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