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Well, you can do nothing in 1 day in Singapore. You will just have a bad memory.

Confused, eh?

Actually, there's so much thing to do in Singapore that even a week is not enough to complete the magnificent country. If you just visit the country for a day, you will curse yourself for not staying here long enough and that's the reason you will always have a bad memory!

Enough said, let's get back to the core topic - What can you do in 1 day in Singapore?

I will consider two scenarios.

The first one is this - You land at Singapore in the early morning (say 7 am) and have a connecting flight to some other destination sometime after midnight. So you just got a full day in between as a transit. So what can you do during the day?

Let's face it. You will obviously be tired after your journey. First of all, go to the washroom in the airport, do your business and then get out of the airport as soon as possible (You must also have a valid visa to get out of the airport or a visa or a third country which provides TWOV (transit without visa, say for example Australian Visa, Japan Visa etc)

Take a cab and go straightaway to Merlion Park. There will be less people in the early morning at Merlion Park and you will have a good chance to get a good shot. It should cost you around SGD 15- SGD 20 (2019 prices). Or take an EZ Link Card at the airport and take the MRT to BayFront station. Take photos at the famous Merlion Statue and The Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Don't waste time gawking at the magnificent architecture there because you just have a day to explore. Immediately after taking your photos, run towards Garden by the Bay and watch the awesome Supergrove Trees. If waiting time is less, visit The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. It will already be well past noon after you complete these activities.

Next, take the MRT again and get down at Bugis station. Go to Bugis street (which is just 2-3 minutes from the MRT) and eat something. Buy some memento there if you like it. Don't spend more than an hour here because you got no time!

It will probably be afternoon now. Take the MRT again and get down at Little India. Explore the area on foot and experience the area. Next, go to China Town and explore the area. Be sure to literally run at these places because, after all you are just for a day in Singapore. After checking out China Town,  take the MRT again and go to HarbourFront station (Little India, China Town and Harbour Front are in the same line, so it will be convenient). After alighting at HarbourFront station (Vivo City Mall), walk to Sentosa Island via the Sentosa Boardwalk and take photos at the Universal Studios globe. (You may not get the time to visit Universal Studios in a day, but at least you can show your friends the Universal Studios globe!)

Next, take the MRT again and come back to Marina Bay (Bayfront Station) to watch the spectacular light show at 8 pm. Don't be late as the show is just for around 15 minutes.

After the light show is over, run for your dear life to catch the MRT or Cab to reach Changi Airport. 

And then after reaching the airport, curse yourself that you should have stayed for a few more days here.

The above activities that I have mentioned is too much for a single day, frankly speaking though not impossible. Just make sure to have each and every detail on where to go beforehand. The places are so big that most of the time is wasted while searching for entry/exit points.

Thus, for a layover of 1 day, you can see the following places.

1. Merlion Statue

2. Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Light Show

3. Gardens by the Bay Supergrove Trees, Cloud Forest, Flower Dome.

4. Bugis Street

5. China Town and Little India

6. Universal Studios Revolving Globe (just photoshot)

Now comes the second scenario,

Suppose you land in early morning and your next flight is at midnight the next day. That leaves you will almost 2 full days. Hence, the first day can be spent on doing the activities that I have mentioned above. And the second day can be utilised to watch Universal Studios.

Universal Studios will take an entire day. Reach there by opening time i.e 10 am. Book online tickets beforehand to save on time at the queue. Tickets prices are around Rs 4000 per person (2019 prices). Buy the express pass tickets which costs more than the price of the entry ticket (about Rs 5000). Thus, for a Universal Studios express ticket, you need to pay around Rs 9000 per person. This ticket will help you in faster entry to the rides there. Normal ticket holder have to wait on an average about 1 hour-2 hours on each attraction for a ride. And express pass holders wait around 10-15 minutes for each ride. This express pass helps you to experience more rides in a short time. So, it's well worth the money. But don't buy the pass online. Reach the place, check out the crowd (they will definitely be there all the time) and the wait time for a few attractions and then buy the pass from there itself.

Come out of the studios by 8 pm and rush to your hotel and back to the airport.

Thus, you can see that even after having almost 2 days in hand, you were not able to cover much of Singapore.

Better make it a 7 day trip, buddy!

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