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Thailand Budget Travel Tips

Updated: Mar 20

Do you wish to know how you can travel in budget to Thailand. Watch the video to know more our budget travel to Thailand.

Friends, the last trip i spent only about Rs 10,000 for a single person on a 7 day trip to Thailand. Expenses are as follows:

1. Flights: Free (Used my HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Points)

2. Accommodation: Rs 1600 (Hostel charges for 2 nights) and the rest 5 nights i stayed at AirBnB for free with my referral money.

3. Food: Daily Rs 600*7 = Rs 4200 approx. If you want to save this money also, then find a Gurudwara where they provide free food in their langar.

4. Cab/MRT : Total Rs 3000 in 7 days.

5. Visa: Free (Visa Fee exemption was present when i went in November 2018)

DISCLAIMER: This Rs 10,000 that i have mentioned only includes my flight/accommodation/food/ and transportation to Bangkok for 7 days. It does not include my expenses at Phuket and Krabi. I have spent extra on island hopping,simon cabaret show,phuket fantasea,go karting etc etc.

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