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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Important things to take before travelling abroad:

1. Passport and Visa (if applicable) along with Passport Cover

2. Flight Tickets/Hotel Bookings in Hard Copies (At least 02 sets)

3. Passport Photograph (At least 5-6)

4. Xerox and Soft copies of Passport and Visa

5. Travel Insurance

6. Currency

7. At least 2-3 Credit/Debit Cards

8. Neck Pillow

9. Light Jacket or Light Blanket

10. Headphones

11. A universal travel adapter

12. Battery Bank

13. Hand Sanitizer

14. Sunglasses

15. Sunscreen Lotion

16. Extra Pair of spectacles if you wear one

17. External Hard Drives along with your Laptop

18. One Handbag along with 01 laptop bag

19. Prescription Medicines along with Prescription

20. Dry eatables like chocolates, Instant noodles, dry Fruits etc

Watch this video to know more

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