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Immigration in any country can be a breeze or a nightmare depending on your luck and your documents. If all your documents are in order and you have sufficient cash for your stay and still the immigration authorities detained you, then just curse your luck and hope for the best.

There is no guarantee what immigration questions can be like in any country. However, most of the time the questions are simple and straight forward. In this article, I will try to give a few details on how immigration questions can be like.

On a personal note, I was just asked one question (yes just a single question) by the Singapore Immigration Authorities. 

The question that was asked to me was " Are you travelling alone?"

I replied that "No, I am travelling with my wife"

That's it. I was stamped and allowed into the country.




Perhaps i was lucky. Perhaps the immigration officer was in a good mood. Who knows?! But i got through. Now you may not be lucky enough to get in so easily.

So lets see now what you can do to avoid immigration nightmares in any country.

1. Have ALL necessary documents in hard copy along with you. This includes your passport (of course), return flight tickets, hotel bookings for entire duration of stay, visa, travel insurance, credit card statements. Also keep a detailed itinerary with you.


2. Have sufficient cash along with you. Try to keep at least USD 500 with you. Although I have never been asked to show cash in any of the countries I have visited till now, but you may be asked any time.

Please don't say to me that you cannot afford to keep USD 500 with you. Come on man, you are travelling to a foreign country and you don't have cash. What are you gonna do if your card doesn't work or your card gets stuck in an ATM machine? Don't take the risk of not keeping much cash on you.

3. Be prepared for immigration. They may ask you questions like this "Why are you coming to our country?" Just reply "Holiday". Do not speak more than required. Next, at least memorize your hotel name and its location, duration of stay and places that you will visit during your stay.

4. Be a little presentable. I mean to say that wear your clothes in a standard manner. If you look good in your presentation, chances are that you will be asked less questions.

5. Never lie on anything. Immigration Officers are smart enough to catch you.




Normally, they will not ask much and let you in. Immigration Officers are not there to harass you. They are there to protect their borders. If your answers doesn't convince you, then you may be further subjected to a secondary screening. If you cannot convince them at the secondary screening, then you may be offloaded back to your home country.

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Hope this article has cleared most of your doubts regarding Singapore Immigration.

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