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The Visa Officer,

Consulate General Of Singapore,

New Delhi.


Sub: Request for Tourist Visa.



Dear Sir/Madam,


I, the undersigned along with my spouse, son and daughter intends to visit your country during the period from 10th Aug’ 2019 to 15th Aug’ 2019 for 6 days.

The name of the travelers are:-

NAME                                                 PASSPORT NO              PROFESSION                        RELATION

XXXXXXXXXXX                                 XXXXXX                          SERVICE                                 SELF

XXXXXXXXXXX                                 XXXXXX                          HOUSEWIFE                         SPOUSE

XXXXXXXXXXX                                 XXXXXX                          SERVICE                                 DAUGHTER

XXXXXXXXXXX                                 XXXXXX                          SERVICE                                 SON

Please find the application form duly filled and signed along with the valid passport, photographs and the relevant documents for your perusal.


All the expenses will be borne by me.


Kindly issue the visa at your earliest.


I assure you that I will come back to India as per my schedule.


Thanking you,

Best regards.





Cell No. +91 XXXXXXXXX


E-Mail ID:

The above covering letter is just a format and should be edited as per requirement. This letter is just being shown here to give an idea on how a Singapore covering letter format should be. The Indian Nomad makes no guarantee that a Visa will be issued based on this letter. It depends on the sole discretion of the competent authority.






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Singapore Visa can only be applied 30 days prior to your visit date as of now. It is a multiple entry visa.

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