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Passport Covers

Documents for Singapore Visa for Salaried:

1. Original Passport with minimum 6 months remaining validity.

(Eg: If your passport is expiring on 31st December, then you must exit Singapore before 1st July)

2. Visa Application form duly filled (Form 14A). Get Form 14A here.
3. No Objection Certificate from Employer on company letterhead and company seal.
4. Leave Sanction Letter from reporting boss on company letterhead/plain paper along with official seal.
5. 2 nos of Passport Size Photograph (35 mm by 45 mm) in matte paper on white background with about 80% face focus with both ears visible from the front.
6. Return Flight Tickets print out in A4 size paper.
7. Confirmed Hotel Booking print out in A4 size paper.

8. Covering letter addressed to Consulate General of Singapore (see sample covering letter here)

9. Marriage Certificate (if married) Or Marriage Affidavit and Wedding Card (if marriage certificate is not available)

10. Salary Slips, Bank Statements, ITR returns, Travel Insurance are not mandatory but advisable to provide along with the application.

11. You must be able to show sufficient funds for your stay in Singapore.

12. All documents must be in English. Otherwise official translations for the documents will be required.






Singapore Visa can be applied only 30 days before scheduled departure date. It generally takes less than a week to receive if your documents are in order. It is basically an E-Visa but the only catch is that you cannot apply for it personally, you have to apply it through an authorised agent. Official Visa Fee is SGD 30 (About INR 1500) but agents charge anywhere from INR 2000 to INR 3500. Check out any local agents who provide Singapore Visa or you can also apply online from the numerous travel websites.

Singapore Visa is a multiple entry visa and is generally valid for 30 days/60 days/2 years from the date of issue. There will be a visa validity date. The meaning of this is that you must enter Singapore within this date and stay for 30 days /60 days from the date of entering the country.










(Eg: If your Visa says that Visa is VALID FROM 1st December 2019 to 1st January 2020, then you must enter Singapore on or before 1st January 2020. If you enter on 1st January 2020, then you can stay till 30th January 2020 if you get a 30 day Visa. However, if you enter on 1st December 2019 itself, then you can stay till 30th December 2019 and travel to Singapore as many times as you want within 30th December 2019 for a 30 days Visa)

If you have applied for more than 30 days visa, then it will be a different thing.

Singapore Visa is generally very easy to get. The entire year is good to visit Singapore. Since it is a tropical country, the weather is hot and rainy all throughout the year.

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