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The Visa Officer

Consulate General of Singapore

New Delhi - 110021


 Sub: No Objection Certificate


Dear Sir/Madam,


This is to certify that Mr xxxxx, Employee Code: xxxxx is presently working in xxxxx Company, New Delhi, India since 1st January 2000. At present he is designated as Operations Manager, which is a mid level position in our company.

As per his request for leave from office, he has been granted leave from 1st January 2019 to 15th January 2019. The organization has no objection in Mr xxxxx travelling to Singapore on a personal visit. He will be travelling to Singapore on his own personal capacity.


Mr xxxxx will rejoin his duties in the organization on 16th January 2019.






Reporting Manager (Operations)

Employee Code: xxxxx

xxxxx Limited

Mobile: +91-xxxxxxxxxx

The above No Objection Certificate is just a sample one. It is not a guarantee that a Singapore Visa will be issued based on this. Different organisations may have different scripts for issuing a No Objection Certificate. However, the above one is a standard one and almost all NOC's are based like that. Please note that the NOC must be printed on A4 size company letterhead pad and stamped with official seal of HR department. You must submit all other necessary documents along with this NOC while applying for a Singapore Visa through any authorized travel agent.

Please contact me through my Facebook page at in case you need any help or suggestion while applying for a Singapore Visa. 

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