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The UAE Currency is the "Dirham" (abbreviated as AED). It is issued by the central bank of the United Arab Emirates. The sub unit is called the fil.

The frequently used banknotes are as follows:

5 Dirhams

10 Dirhams








20 Dirhams


50 Dirhams




100 Dirhams





200 Dirhams






500 Dirhams






Above these is another note which is used rarely and that is the 1000 Dirhams note.

The coins which are used frequently are 1 Dirham coin, 50 fils coin and 25 fils coin.

I withdrew AED from ATMs at Dubai Airport and near Burj Khalifa to check if any transaction charges are taken.


It was seen that I was not charged anything (other than my home bank charges of about 3.5% of transaction amount + Rs 118 per transaction) when I withdrew cash at Dubai Airport. However, I was charged an additional ATM usage fee of 26 AED (other than my home bank charges as already said) when I withdrew from an ATM near Burj Khalifa.

There are many ways to get AED while at Dubai.

  • Withdrawing Cash from an ATM

  • Converting USD or any major currency in currency exchanges (INR is also accepted)

  • Encashing Traveller Cheques (Not Recommended)

You can also use a Credit Card/Debit Card or a Forex Card as Plastic Money is accepted at every place. The cost factor depends on your bank. Check your bank charges before deciding on a form of payment. It is recommended to keep cash for any emergency and either use a Forex Card or a Credit Card which has low foreign currency mark up fee.

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