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Advice for travelling first time to Bali (For Indians)

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

I had travelled to Bali in August 2017 and hence I can give you an accurate answer.

Take USD with you. This currency is by far the best currency to take anywhere. Do not exchange the money at “shady counters” or exchanges which give an excellent rate. This is specially true for Kuta area which is notorious for ripping of unsuspecting tourists by luring them with high exchange rates. Always remember the old adage "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is". Remember to exchange money only at the reputed shops which are normally big glass enclosed shops in the main roads.

You may not be able to eat the local food there at all places. Because they use fish oil and hence it is somewhat smelly. That said, you should obviously try to sample their food as well. Because as I have already said earlier, street food is the essence of a country. A trip is never complete without sampling the street food of the country which you visit. Or else you can head over to Mc Donald’s or KFC which are similarly priced as in India.

Do not eat meat in street (specially near beaches). It may be dog meat. Dog meat is supposedly sold as chicken satay. I have heard a lot about the rumours but not confirmed.

Buy 5 litre gallon of water from supermarkets to save on water expenses.

Be careful of what meat you eat. Chicken/Beef/Pork may be kept in the same container.

Chips/Noodles etc have Beef Flavour and Pork Flavour. Check them properly to avoid hurting your religious sentiments.

If you are going by Air Asia, then be sure to reach the airport at least 4 hours before time. Otherwise they may not allow nearby seats for you and your family. If you have purchased specific seats, then no problem.

Low cost carriers will not provide anything. Be sure to take neck pillows and light blankets.

Be careful if you rent scooty in Bali. Before renting, check and point out damages (even minor scratches) beforehand or else you will have to pay fine.

Other than these, I cannot remember any other things. Bali is quite safe and good. You shouldn’t have any problems there.

Happy Journey to You.

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The Indian Nomad
The Indian Nomad
Apr 24, 2019

Do share your views and comments regarding your own trip to Bali.

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