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The main expenses of your trip with be in this order:

  1. Flight Expenses

  2. Hotel Expenses

  3. Visa Expenses (If required for your country)

  4. Food Expenses

  5. Taxi Expenses

  6. Sightseeing Expenses

  7. Water Sports Expenses

  8. Shopping Expenses

Ok, so lets start from the beginning:

Flight Expenses:

I don’t know your point of origin. So i will not be able to help you with the amount that will be required for Flight Expenses. Please check out travel sites for your estimated flight expenses.

Hotel Expenses:

Hotels are available for as low as USD 20 per night to more than USD 500 per night. If you are a normal traveller, then a hotel with nightly rate USD 50 is more than enough.

Visa Expenses:

Some countries don’t require Visa for coming to Indonesia. Some requires Visa. Depends on your country of citizenship.Indians don't require a Visa for visiting Indonesia upto a period of 30 days. Please check out the Visa requirements for other countries.

Food Expenses:

Food expenses are normally not much. For a single person, expect to pay around USD 30 per day (including beer). All types of food are available. 


Taxi Expenses:

Full day taxi rent averages about USD 25 - USD 35 (10 hours, unlimited kms with petrol included). 

Sightseeing Expenses:

Attractions and other tickets will cost you on a average USD 100- USD 300 for the total stay.

Water Sports Expenses:

This will cost average USD 100 per sport per person.


Depends on yourself.

In short, about USD 1000 should be sufficient for a 7–10 days single person trip. Of course, you can even live on half that amount if you become stingy!

Please tell your country of citizenship. I may be able to offer you more advice.

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