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Visa Requirements for Bali, Indonesia

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

You can visit Indonesia without a Visa being applied, being an Indian Citizen.

At Indonesia immigration, they will just stamp “Visa Exempted” in your passport. Keep in mind that you can stay for a maximum period of 30 days using this Visa Exemption facility. You CANNOT extend your stay.

There is also a provision for Visa on Arrival costing around USD 35. This Visa is also valid for 30 days only, but you can extend your Visa once for 30 more days after it expires (Hence, you can stay for 60 days total in Indonesia using a Visa on Arrival). Also you can apply at the Indonesian embassy for a direct 60 day validity B-211 Indonesian Tourist Visa.

If you want to stay for more than 60 days or if you want a multiple entry visa, then you must apply for an Indonesian Visa through an agent.

Although no documents other than the passport is checked during entry to Indonesia, it is still recommended to take proofs of return flight tickets, hotel booking, sufficient cash and an itinerary. Immigration authorities can never be predicted and hence is it safe to have the proper documents at all times.

Watch this video below to know about Indonesia Visa for Indians.

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