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BALI - The first thing that comes to one's mind is honeymoon, romantic nights, the beautiful beaches, nightlife etc etc. Add to the fact that the Indonesian Rupiah is highly devalued (Presently 1 INR = 200 IDR approximately), people tend to think that we can get a free stay in Bali, literally. But that's not exactly the case. Even though the value of the Indonesian Rupiah is very less, it does not mean that everything is dirt cheap. Prices are almost at par with Indian prices, if not more.

In this article, I will give a rough idea on the expenses that may be incurred in Bali. This guide is just meant to give a rough estimation for planning a trip to Bali.


Taxi on the Street

Let's start with the first thing that you will incur after getting out of the airport. You guessed it right. It's transportation. Since, there is no public transportation available in Bali, you are forced to take a cab from the airport to your hotel. Instead of haggling with the taxi drivers for fare, it is better to book an app based taxi (if available). Grab Cab and Blue Bird Taxi are the most popular app based taxis there. But there is a catch. The local cab drivers normally don't allow app based taxis to the airport . Call it goondagiri (a thug) or whatever, but that's the harsh truth. If you are lucky to get an app based cab, hop into it immediately without wasting a single moment. Otherwise, go over to the normal taxi drivers waiting there. Coming to the price, i paid 150,000 IDR (Approximately INR 750) from Denpasar Airport to my hotel at Seminyak. The distance was around 11 kms. I am of the opinion that I had perhaps paid extra. However, I let it go as it was my first international trip and also I had very less idea that time. I stayed at THE PING HOTEL. However, the price mentioned was in 2018. You can just take this rate as a rough estimate for your ride.



Hotel TV

The next expense you will incur is in your hotel price. There are lots of hotels suited for every one's budget in Bali. You can get hostels for as low as INR 400 per night per bunk bed. Good budget hotels are available for around INR 1000-INR 2000 per night. Villas and Bungalows facing the sea will obviously be costly and will depend on your budget. You can also stay in an AirBnB to take advantage of lower rates. Hotels are generally clean and well maintained. However, be sure to check out the ratings of a particular hotel in reputed sites like Tripadvisor.





Snack Food

Food prices are almost the same price as in India. So, you may expect to spend INR 300-400 in a Mc Donalds or KFC or about INR 1000-1500 in an Indian Restaurant. There are varieties of restaurants, fast food and street food available all throughout Bali. A thing to keep in mind while trying out street food is that many dishes are made of fish oil and that smells really horrible. So, be prepared to bear the pungent smell of fish oil. If you can manage to bear that, you will surely enjoy the fascinating varieties of street food in Bali. Indian food is available as well as vegetarian restaurants, You just need to search for an Indian restaurant. Food quality in the restaurants is quite good. 

Coming to beverages, the prices are reasonable. The price of a beer in a supermarket is in fact cheaper than Indian prices. The same beer in a bar or pub will cost you slightly higher. Still, the prices are quite within range and you can blow your cash without feeling guilty.

Hence, while planning a trip to Bali, you can plan it in the same way like planning your vacation in an Indian city. Bali is a very beautiful and affordable destination. Make sure you visit it once in your lifetime!


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