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Since the advent of the ATM Cards and other Plastic money,we have come a long way indeed. Just try to remember those bygone days when we had to take a limited amount of money from home and then spend it cautiously so that we are left with enough money to come back home! Feels scary, isn't it?

But times change, and so do we! Plastic money has really made out life easy and comfortable. We can now take any amount of money and withdraw and spend money anywhere across the globe. 

However,we should also keep some amount of hard cash with us at all times (just in case the cards or the system fails). So now the big question arises. "How much is enough?"

Well, generally speaking, for a couple going to Bali for a 7 night vacation, an amount of USD 1000 is more than enough for expenses and emergency purposes. But remember that this amount does not include hotel bookings.

  • Food in Bali costs on an average Rs 1500-Rs 2000 per day for a couple (including beer). You can survive for as low as Rs 800-Rs 1000 per day on an extreme budget. Normally speaking, for 7 nights it will cost you on an average Rs 15000. (USD225)

  • Taxi will cost around Rs 1500-Rs 2000 per day (full day trip). Four full day trips is enough to explore Bali. Expect to spend Rs 12000-Rs15000 on taxis (USD 225). Considering all local transport and to and fro journey to the airport.

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  • Attractions will cost you around Rs 10000 (USD 150) (water sports not included)

  • Shopping etc will cost you as per your interests.

As you can see, USD 1000 is sufficient for normal daily expenses. Remember to use your Credit/Debit/Forex card also because although USD 1000 is sufficient but it may not last for 7 nights if you spend only cash there.

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Bali is beautiful,serene and clean. You will find mostly tourists rather than the locals. Have a vacation there and enjoy your memories later.

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