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This is one of the most common questions asked to me by each and every person. "Should I take USD or IDR when travelling to Bali?

Well, i would definitely say USD and nothing else. The reason - Its simple ! See, the Indonesian Rupiah is a very much devalued currency and even if you go out to have a simple meal, you will have to shell out at least 50000 IDR.


For a 7 nights stay in Indonesia, expect to spend a minimum of around 1 crore Indonesian Rupiah! (considering you have your hotel stay paid in advance). Its a large amount of money and it will be a fat wad of notes in the wallet (which will be very inconvenient to keep). Moreover, the INR to IDR exchange rate is very pathetic, so its better you convert your INR into USD at India and then convert the USD to IDR at Indonesia.


Currency exchanges are available abundantly. Therefore, its no tension to exchange the money. Keep around 1000 USD with you and convert 50 or 100 USD at a time whenever required.

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Go to Bali at the earliest. It doesn't require much advance planning. Just 2 months of prior planning is sufficient.

Happy Holidays!!

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