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This topic is actually dependent on oneself. If you are a solo traveller or a budget conscious traveller trying to save some money at each and every step,then obviously you can rent a scooter at Bali and travel the entire day by yourself. However, if you are a family traveller or someone who's just not interested in all the headaches associated with self driving, then go for booking a car because its not expensive in Bali.

Pros of booking a scooter

1. Cheap and affordable.

2. Escape the notorious Bali traffic jams with relative ease.

3. Travel Independently

Cons of booking a two wheeler:

1. Parking issues.

2. Scams related to booking scooters (Read about it here)

3. You require an international driving license from your home country.















Pros of booking a car with a driver:

1. You are at ease since you don't have to drive. You get more time to enjoy the surroundings.

2. No parking issues. The driver will manage it on his own.

3. No international driving license,other documents necessary.

Cons of booking a car with a driver:

1. Slightly more expensive than a two wheeler. (But still not very much costly)

2. You will surely get caught in the traffic and may have to spend 1 hour to more than 3 hours on the road.

So which mode of travel do you prefer. Leave a comment below.

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