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Although Bali is relatively inexpensive, still there are a few tricks by which you can make your money last a little bit more longer. I have saved a few thousand rupees by following the below mentioned points.

  • Buy 5 litre water gallons from any nearby supermarket. Its cheap that way. Restaurants will NOT serve you water anywhere. Hotels give just about (330 ml *2) i.e less than a litre of water per day for two persons.

  • Buy beer at any supermarket. (Heineken,Carlsberg,Budweiser etc costs less than Indian prices at the supermarket)

  • Keep stock of a few bowls of instant noodles from the supermarket (in case you suddenly find hungry and want a quick snack at the hotel)

  • Choose Hotels with Free Breakfast. Have a late breakfast at about 10:30 am. Hotels generally give breakfast till 11:00 am. In this way you will not feel much hungry for lunch. At around 3 pm or so, you can head out to any Mc Donald’s and have a burger or so (Mc Donald’s is comparatively cheap). But remember to have a good dinner.

  • UBER is frowned upon. It may not be available at all places. In case you find one, jump in it as fast as you can. UBER is relatively cheaper than the Blue Bird Taxi.

  • Do not take Taxis from the hotel in which you stay. It is expensive. Book it through any agencies which are available in all places. Cost of petrol is very cheap compared to India, hence fares are also cheaper. Bargain hard to get a good deal.

  • Bargain, Bargain and Bargain. Its accepted !!!

Please share your opinions and experiences to save money while travelling in Bali.

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